About Us


Aquarian Thoughts is a collection of jewelry designs created with materials as varied as rosecut gemstones to vintage brass components to hand-dyed silks using an array of jewelry making techniques. Although the line is always changing and evolving, most designs contain hand finished metals in a variety of hues and a subtle play on color. Many pieces contain a combination of both these details resulting in something unique and artistic, yet functional and wearable.

All Aquarian Thoughts jewelry is handmade in our sweet little studio we lovingly call "The Lab". The collection of playful yet sophisticated bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings are created with bronze, sterling and and fine silver, gold-fill, 10k and 14k gold. Additionally, a variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones are used to paint the jewels with color. Many techniques such as wire-wrapping, beading, soldering and metal forging are used to create the collection.

Aquarian Thoughts aims to be different from the pack and to always have something unique, feminine, and sophisticated. We hope to provide a colorful boutique shopping experience that continues to bring all jewelry lovers with a discerning eye back for more : )



Hello there! I am Nadirah B., Creative Force Behind the Magic at Aquarian Thoughts.

Aquarian Thoughts was born over 10 years ago out of the desire to create one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry with an artistic touch. I named my line Aquarian Thoughts because I am unquestionably an Aquarius and possess many of the known attributes of being one; unabashed creativity, and the desire to always be unique. I would like to think that these attributes are expressed through my jewelry and passed on through its wearer. Each Aquarian Thoughts piece contains hand selected gemstones and or metal components blended together with an eclectic esthetic and is hand crafted with love and positive intentions.